PLEASE NOTE THIS WEBSITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND WE ARE CONTINUING TO UPDATE IT AND FINE TUNE IT. FOLLOW OUR JOURNEY RIGHT HERE. This website is not affiliated with the Town of East Haven government website but made by the residents of East Haven, CT 06512
PLEASE NOTE THIS WEBSITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND WE ARE CONTINUING TO UPDATE IT AND FINE TUNE IT. FOLLOW OUR JOURNEY RIGHT HERE. This website is not affiliated with the Town of East Haven government website but made by the residents of East Haven, CT 06512

Tweed Airport Expansion

The Devastation of East Haven, Connecticut.

Notice To All Residents On Tweed Expansion.

This is a call to action! there are no benefits with this airport expansion. our quality of life, our health and our livelihoods will be further destroyed. Tell the town of East Haven to appeal the FAA’s decision.


The more frequent air traffic and larger freight planes will increase cancers and other serious conditions and illnesses, such Asthma, Infertility, and the list is endless. There are many studies that show serious health concerns from proximity to an airport due to pollution from volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as CO2, NOx, CO, SOx and low molecular weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), and particulate matter (PM) with associated PAH, and metals and biomarkers are found in the blood both for the pollutants themselves and for the body’s inflammatory response to the pollutants. This will result in approximately an additional 120 unnecessary deaths each year. This impacts each one of us but even more important it will impact our children even more.


Our wetlands are a natural and beautiful gift that were respected and revered throughout history particularly by the early native communities. They are "the lungs of our community” that allow us all to breathe. We have already significantly damaged our wetlands already as can be seen from the frequent severe flooding around the airport but with the expansion this flooding will become much worse and not only will the wetlands be less effective in aiding our survival but they will be struggling to survive themselves.


The expansion will destroy our local economy. Firstly, according to many studies, the value of our homes will drop close to 20%. With average property values at $300,000 this represents an average loss of $60,000 for each of us. This in turn will shrink the tax revenues and tempt the city to add insult to injury by increasing the mill rate on our devalued properties. The only ones benefiting economically will be the developers of the airport – and their political enablers. Mayor J. Carfora, IS our elected representative, and he SWORE an oath to represent the best interests of his citizens and should be fighting tooth and nail to prevent this. He has many ways to do so and has the power and the purse which are our funds (from our property taxes). The deadline to appeal the FONSI is merely days away. We all need to ask why nothing is happening. We should demand transparency and access to all Tweed airport communication between the Town of East Haven and the parties involved !!! We should be given regular updates on how this fight is going and town hall meetings inviting our input. Instead, what do we hear – crickets. Soon we won’t even be able to hear the crickets in the wetlands.

Now is the time to make your voices heard. Email and call. THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE. DEMAND MAYOR J. CARFORA TO APPEAL BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE

Here Is How You Can Help. Three Easy Steps:


It takes less than 2 min of your time to write a quick letter to the Town Council of East Haven today and voice your concerns related to the airport expansion.

Email it to:
The chairman, co-chair, clerk, town attorney.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Writing a letter is easy. Here is an example email:

Dear Mr./Mrs,

I am writing this in support of your efforts to stop the expansion of Tweed without an EIS. There are clearly many omissions and inaccuracies in the FONSI. It will be very interesting to hear Dr. Hudda’s air monitoring findings on the 7th. This project will be devastating to our communities and the environment. Thank you for defending and protecting our environment! “Please add this as my correspondence to the 2/6/24 Town Council meeting to be entered into the public record. Thank You,”


(Add your own name and address here)


There is a meeting at the Senior Center, 91 Taylor Avenue, East Haven on Tuesday February Feb 6 at 7.25 pm. Show up and show your support. Make an appearance so it is on record. Please note: This is an Executive session. You may bring a sign to share your frustration but kindly refrain from any yelling or cursing. In the beginning of the meeting, there is “correspondence,” where the name of the person writing, and what the letter is about is stated into the record.


KEY DATE: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2024 at 7.25 pm


If you can, please sign up and support Save the Sound for only $25. Save the Sound has been advocates of an EIS. This will be the best $25 spend. Your support is very much appreciated. Then send them a quick short email that you agree with them and thank them for the amazing work they do! We need to support environmental protection!  [email protected]


Air Quality Findings By Dr. N. Hudda, Tuft’s University


Key Date Wednesday, February 7, 2024 At 5:15 Pm Est – Join Online Event

THANK YOU for your support. Time is running out. Our health and our town will be devastated if we do not stand up. Show your support.